How to Fix Dual Monitor Lag In Windows

How to Fix Dual Monitor Lag In Windows

I’ve used dual monitors for several years and have found it to be extremely productive. The issue is that it does not always work well.

Dual monitor configuration typically is one monitor used for the primary task, and the other monitors are to run in the background for additional tasks. If these tasks are executed within windows, the difference in performance in between 2 monitors could be evident.

Have you ever playing an online game on one monitor and the other begins to slow down? It’s frustrating. Not only can it detract you from playing and make it hard to play in any way.

But don’t worry;

In this article we will teach the steps to solve dual monitor lag issues in Windows This includes the following: these factors:

* Hardware

* Software

* Issues with the driver

We will also provide ways to avoid these issues from happening again in the near future.

How do you define dual-monitor lag? Windows?

Dual monitor lag happens whenever two displays are hooked up to the computer. This is a common issue and is especially prevalent with laptops that are high-end. Additionally, you can run several monitors in a single computer and experience delays.

Below are some of the most common factors that cause double monitor lags on Windows:

There are many reasons for dual monitor lag. Here I’m going to discuss the primary reasons for dual monitor lags in Windows.

Graphics card that is poorly installed

The graphics card is the one responsible for processing the images and graphics and is the most crucial part of laptops. In case the graphics card isn’t installed correctly, it could create dual screen delay.

Poorly installed RAM

RAM stands in the sense of Random Access Memory and it is the main component responsible for the storage and management of the information. If the RAM isn’t installed correctly, it could result in dual monitor delays.

Slow processor

The processor is the core of the computer. It is the primary component responsible for processing information. Therefore, if the processor is not functioning well, it can cause double display delay.

Unstable power supply

The power supply is the most vital element of a computer. without it, there is no way to function. If the power supply is not stable or the supply of power is defective, it can cause dual display delay.

Ways to Fix Dual Monitor Lag Windows

If we have two monitors on our PCs, it is expected that we will be able to use the applications and programs effortlessly. But, dual monitor delay is a huge issue that makes us dissatisfied and frustrated. If you’re experiencing this issue, then here are the best solutions to solve the issue.

Use a Screen Capture Tool

Screen capture tools are software that allows users to capture any display on your computer. It can be used instead of using a screen recorder since it lets you save your recordings to use later. In the event that you are using a dual-monitor setup, you could make use of screenscaping software for recording both monitor, and then play the recordings whenever you want to.

Disable Antivirus Software

Antivirus software is an essential item for your PC but it can slow efficiency of the computer. If you don’t require antivirus software to safeguard your computer from viruses, then remove it from your system.

Clean Your Drivers

Check to see if you’ve installed the correct driver on your monitor. Drivers are the program which connects your monitor to your operating system. If you have dual monitors then you must install the drivers of the second monitor on its own.

Install a Full Graphics Driver

Your monitor needs a complete graphics driver to function correctly. If you have two monitors, you must install the driver for your second monitor on its own.

Disable Power Management

The Power Management program is the program that will automatically shut down your system when it’s not in use. If you are using a dual monitor setup ensure that you disable power management to increase

the performance of your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How come my computer slower when I have two screens?

The majority of desktop computers are designed to operate with just one display. They can be set up to detect the second monitor and reduce the processing power to fit the single display. However, if you’re using two monitors then you’ll need to manually adjust the settings to permit the second monitor to be running at its full resolution.

Can dual monitors cause lag?

Dual monitors can create delays, particularly if they’re both set to similar resolutions. The majority of computers have one monitor set to 2048 x 1080 pixels while the other one is set at 1280 1024 pixels. This means that both monitors will be displayed with a resolution of approximately 30 FPS (frames every second).
If each screen is set to similar resolutions each screen will show 60 frames per second. This is less than what you need for smooth gaming or watching content. This is the reason why users prefer to use one monitor to view content while the other is for game.


We’ve covered the most frequent causes and the best ways to solve dual monitor lags within Windows. If you’re having this issue, do not panic as the solutions are easy. The first step is to need to clear your RAM and graphics card. Then, you need to install the most recent graphic card as well as RAM into your laptop.

If you’re running Windows 7 then you can use this guide to solve the dual monitor lag issue.

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